The Brand

MIP Furniture - Klaster Polskich Mebli - consortium of Polish Furniture Manufacturers.

Among our specialists are competent people responsible for the overall supervision of international orders and cooperation between the ordering party and manufacturers. We provide legal, administrative and logistics support in every step of each transaction.


About us

Poland is the 4th largest furniture exporter all over the world. Our products are well know for their high quality and fair prices.

We founded Polish Furniture Cluster to unite the biggest producers in Poland and deliver best services to our consumers all over the world. We represent companies that deliver furniture to the biggest brands all over the world.

Cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally.



Polish furniture

Furniture industry in Poland was always a very competitive market. When in 2009 many international companies decided to move their production to Poland, many factories literally could not keep up with production. Our manufacturers invested in highly innovative technologies to solve this problem. It helped them not only to shorten the total production time and increase efficiency, but also to meet the best standards and quality parameters of the final product.

Since then we raised on position of 4th global power in the furniture sector. Each year Polish furniture is delivered to 160 countries globally. Did you know that Polish manufacturers delivered 104,000 chairs to the Greek Point stadium in Cape Town as well as Mbombela in Nelspruit which hosted the games during Football World Cup in South Africa? Polish seats were also occupied by the supporters during the championship in Athens and Euro 2012. It is also very likely that at least one piece of furniture in your surroundings has been manufactured in Poland.


Do you want to know more? Contact us. We will find the best producers for your investment and take care of the whole logistics process.

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