Here you will find sample furniture made by manufacturers we represent.

In our offer you will find a wide range of furniture made by Polish furniture manufacturers.
MIP Furniture treats each order individually to selects products and manufacturers best for your needs.
The ability to produce custom made furniture gives possibility to release creativity and imagination.
Thanks to the highest precision and attention to details, along with competitive prices our offer bring mutual success to all sides of the contract.

Our services includes:

  • Consultancy in development process including: cost estimates, due diligence, planning, design development, legal, commercial and finance.
    MIP Furniture as lead consultant is responsible for selecting, employing and project managing some or all of the other team members.
    We work with a long-established network of other professionals and can select the very best team for a particular contract.
  • Co-operation under the Design and Build delivery system and Joint Venture Partnerships.
  • Design development – Including Research, Graphic Design and Communication, Concept Design, Planning, Integrated design, Interior design.
  • Preparation of BIM models and technical production drawings.
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